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My name is Parsa Kh. I am 21 years old. I met with Jesus on March 2001 in a youth conference in England when I was 16. I have been living with Him since then and I will continue to do so forever. In these 5 years I have never regretted even a second of my new life because He has been coming with me in the ups and downs of my life, which makes me enjoy it all
Here is some information about my family and childhood background:
I was born in a Muslim family who are not very religious and don’t really practice their religion as a Muslim is supposed to. But they have always believed in God and try their best to be good people and to keep their social and personal manners. As any family has problems, so did my family. My mum and dad always had fights and arguments and I was 12 when my parents got divorced my 2 brothers, 1 sister and I stayed with our father who took care of us. As a result, I had to be independent since that age. I kept going to school until I was 16 when my father decided that it is better for me and my sister to go to England, and as we didn’t have financial problems, so we moved to UK. It was in England when Jesus came to meet with me
The first time I heard about Jesus was when I was a child. It was since I was about 7 when my mom and aunt’s family started going to church as Muslim just because they enjoyed the atmosphere. So once they took me with them. However, they stopped when I was about 11. So I heard nothing more about him.
Just as my family, I have always believed in God and I loved to pray to Him sometimes in the Muslim way (Namaz) and sometime in my own way. Although I was a kid I used to talk to him, sometimes even in tears, and asked him different things and he used to answer my prayers. But the problem was I knew I was a sinner and I couldn’t stop sinning. That’s why I always felt ashamed of God for my actions. Thus I couldn’t have a close relationship with Him
When I was 16 and I realize that I was supposed to be going to England, I was really happy because I thought to myself that when I go there, because it is a free country, I would be able to go to church regularly so that I could be free from this feeling, the shame of sin. This was because in my own religion I could never say all my prayers and fast. I even spoke about this matter to one of my friends, with whom I always used to talk about God. He told me, well you can go to mosque there, but I told him I don’t know what it is but I strongly think that I should go to church. At that time I didn’t know that my aunt Parvin had became a Christian and he was praying for my salvation
As a result when I arrived to England on Sunday, because I was so eager to go to church my aunt took me to a home-group on the Wednesday of that week. And it was much better than I expected it. So I started to go to church every week since then. The love of the members of the church influenced me, although I didn’t believe in Jesus as my savior and lord, their love drove me to go there every week just to talk to them. I had lots of questions and they really helped me in getting them answered
I kept going to church for 7 months. I loved God but I couldn’t believe that Jesus was truly the Son of God. When I went to the youth meeting, one of the preachers was talking about the relationship between Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. And that was the point when my heart was suddenly opened to God and everything started making sense, and that was my turning point in life. In those four days I was crying and crying and I felt the arms of a father I have always know was open to me and was telling me: my son, welcome home, come and stay here, you are forever safe with me
I knew that my sins were completely forgiven and that I was free from its burden, and I was given the power to accept His cross as redeem for my sins. And the shame I had was completely gone and I could stand boldly in his holy presence and talk with Him
Since that day I found myself in a perfect relationship with Him and I rejoice for being with Him, and He with me at all times. Many miracles took place since then and almost all of my prayers have been answered and I believe the rest are on the way and will be answered at the perfect time. God has blessed me so much and gave me lots of gifts and I know there is more to come. He has been using me in leading worship and playing different instruments
As I said before, I love this life that I have with Jesus and I really enjoy it. He has really changed me in many ways. I can now say I love everyone, even the ones that I don’t know. He has put this love in me and is helping me to love them the way he does. Since that time I started a totally new life, full of blessings, joy, satisfaction, mercy, grace, hope, faith, and -most important of all-love
I hope that God bless you and take care of you
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